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SCOTT STAPP & ADELITAS WAY @ House of Blues – Chicago, IL

Scott Stapp: The Voice of Creed, stopped by the House of Blues in Chicago for an incredible show with special guests, Adelitas Way, Citizen Zero and Manafest. Stapp is currently touring the world with his 2016 “Proof Of Life Tour” that concludes in South America.

I have been following Stapp since his early days with Creed, attending numerous shows with his band and solo endeavors. I’ve always being amazed at all the energy he exudes. He is a one-of-a-kind showman and you can see the passion pouring out of his every pore. You can tell he really loves what he does and the crowds at all of his shows take in his enthusiasm by rocking with their hands up, singing to the tunes and sucking in the atmosphere of his performances.

I was fortunate enough to photograph Stapp on a previous solo tour. That was prior to his very public relapse where he was struggling with life and releasing videos of his alcohol and drug addiction woes. I am ecstatic that he took a 180 and is on the straight and narrow.

If I were to compare his show in August 2014 to his show this December, he’s not only better, but he is clearly happier and it’s hard to believe he was down on his luck in between that time.

Stapp sang his staple songs, “My Own Prison,” “With Arms Wide Open,” “What’s This Life For?” and more. The audience was clearly audible as they were singing his tunes at the top of their lungs, as I was too.

I have to say Stapp can easily carry a show on his own, but I need to give credit to his touring band mates who showed the utmost professionalism and were perfectly polished players. Yiannis Papadopoulos and Ben Flanders on guitar, Sammy Hudson on bass and Dango Cellan on drums.

The direct opening support for Stapp was Adelitas Way, a quartet from Las Vegas. I was introduced to Adelitas Way while listening to SiriusXM’s Octane channel when they premiered their “Invincible” single back in 2009. It was a catchy hard rock tune that has pristine vocals and great musical structure. That tune also was used as the theme song for WWE Superstars, was featured on the CSI: Miami season finale commercials on CBS and an episode of the MTV show Bully Beatdown as the entrance theme for the bully.

I have been able to see Adelitas Way perform all across the midwest, and even one time in their hometown, with various rock artists at smaller venues, but it was great seeing them in a larger setting at the impressive House of Blues.

They have consistently improved their performances throughout the years and this most recent show I attended, was the best. Vocalist, Rick DeJesus, is the quintessential lead vocalist. He didn’t stay in one spot, he used the stage to his advantage. DeJesus also told stories about what each song meant to him and why it was written. I always admire when bands become story tellers, because it draws you even more into their music.

Adelitas Way is composed of guitarist Robert Zakary, bassist Andrew Cushing and drummer Trevor Stafford.

Earlier this year, Adelitas Way released their album, “Getaway” that features their hit tunes, “Bad Reputation” and “I Get Around.” Earlier next year they’ll be releasing a new album that will have their currently released song, “Ready for War (Pray for Peace).” On top of that, they will be hitting the road for a headlining tour in March and April.

On stage before Adelitas Way were Michigan-based rockers, Citizen Zero and Canadian rock rapper, Manafest.


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